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Alpine Escape


    breathtaking Mountain Retreat

    The “Alpine Escape” project represents a stunning transformation of a rugged mountain landscape into a multi-level outdoor retreat. Situated in the heart of the mountains, this outdoor space features an array of functional and aesthetically pleasing elements, meticulously designed to harmonize with the natural surroundings while providing the ultimate in outdoor living and entertainment.


    Paver patio

    The centerpiece of this transformation is the expansive multi-level paver patio. Crafted with precision and artistry, the patio serves as a foundation for the entire project.

    cedar Pergola

    On the lower level, a cozy outdoor seating area takes center stage, inviting relaxation and conversation. This area is elegantly covered by a richly stained cedar pergola, offering shade and a touch of rustic charm.

    A privacy screen creates an air of intimacy while a gas firepit provides warmth of cool mountain evenings.

    Outdoor Kitchen

    Adjacent to the pergola, an outdoor kitchen boasts a solid patio cover for all-weather cooking and dining experiences.

    Featuring top-of-the-line appliances and ample counter space makes this outdoor space a culinary enthusiast’s dream.

    Hot tub deck

    Nestled within a custom composite deck, the hot tub area provides a secluded and tranquil escape

    The deck provides safe and comfortable access to the water, while an artificial turf lawn provides a pleasant transition to the house.

    hardscape outdoor living space with retaining wall and stairs

    Retaining Wall

    with Built-in Stairs

     A substantial retaining wall with integrated stairs divides the lower patio area from the upper sections, enhancing aesthetics while providing essential soil retention.

    Integrated lighting provides safety and ambiance for evening use.

    Artificial Turf Lawn

    Beyond the retaining wall, a second artificial turf lawn area provides additional space for outdoor games and activities. It’s an ideal outdoor space for children and pets to play safely.

    freestanding composite deck

    Freestanding Composite Deck

    A freestanding composite deck, complete with stairs and custom railings, serves as a vantage point for taking in the surrounding natural beauty. It offers an elevated perspective of the mountains and the property.

    Finishing Touches

    Throughout the entire space, privacy screens provide seclusion and intimacy, allowing residents and guests to relish their time in the mountains in peace.

    Water features add an enchanting touch with their soothing sounds, while decorative stone features seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings.


    in the mountains is a testament to the harmonious fusion of modern outdoor living amenities with the breathtaking beauty of the mountain landscape. It’s a place where relaxation, recreation, and connection to nature coexist, offering an exceptional retreat for the homeowners and their guests. This transformation not only enhances the quality of life but also adds immeasurable value to the property itself.

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    Photography by Ryan Begin