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Progressive Motorized Screens Installers


mesh shade screens



Adding a motorized screen to your patio or deck can be an amazing way to extend your living space outdoors. Screens offer protection from the sun, the cold, wind, rain, insects and more.

Whether you are looking for a breathable mesh screen, an energy-saving vinyl screen or a hurricane-rated Defender system our team has the expertise needed for a flawless installation.

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Mesh screens are perfect for an added layer of privacy all while still enjoying a gorgeous day outdoors. For maximum privacy, day or night, color selection is most important. Lighter colors will reflect light and obscure view. Darker fabrics will provide best visibility day or night.


Since our screens block harmful UV rays, cooling and energy costs are reduced even on the most sweltering summer days. Privacy fabrics block about 80%-100% of harmful UV rays and are available in many colors to suit your style.

insect protection

Safeguard against insects while maximizing airflow through your space. Our 16/14 mesh is optimal for maximum air flow and to protect from flies and mosquitoes, or 17/20 for protection from those tiny insects or noseeums.

mesh insect screen
Energy Savings

Our vinyl system allows you to control temperature
and protect from weather elements in your outside space. In cooler climates, the system assists to keep the warmth in and the weather out. In hotter climates it’s perfect for retaining cool air so you can enjoy your outdoor living space and extend your living area.

All Season Use

Make the most of your outdoor space by making it
accessible year round. Our proven, customizable vinyl-system helps conditioned air slowly dissipate and contains heat generated by heating systems, creating an extended living area for you to enjoy all year round, hot or cold, rain or shine.

vinyl screen patio

Enhance your patio or dining space with a customized look. Many color options are available for your border material to create the perfect combination that will expand your outdoor space for you and your guests.

One screen. Multiple lines of defense.
  • Insect protection
  • Solar protection
  • Privacy
  • Hurricane defense

Defender screens offer year round protection from
storms, insects, sun and glare. This patented system is built for unparalleled impact absorption, delivered by MagnaTrack technology. At the push of a button, all Defender Screens can be controlled by a remote, smartphone or home automation system.

Magnatrack system

MagnaTrack enhances the performance of our
motorized screens system so you don’t have to worry about screens jamming or hanging up. Along with the Keder interlock, this system is fail proof!
98% of service issues inherent of all fixed track/zipper systems are eliminated with the MagnaTrack system.

“Durability, protection, and performance, our patented MagnaTrack system is like no other and will outperform any other in the industry.”

Arthur james

MagnaTrack Inventor
Keder Interlock

MagnaTrack uses a continuous edge low friction interlock to secure the screen to the inner track (NO ZIPPERS) This combined with anodized aluminum provides effortless deployment of the screen.

No one knows what you want better than you do. That’s why our experts are here to help make your vision come alive. And even if you aren’t too sure what you want, we can offer guidance on how best to design and construct an retaining wall that suits your needs and style.

Consult with our team, we will handle the rest.

  • Create detailed plans for the construction of the space
  • Develop 3D models so you can get a virtual look at your new area before starting the build
  • Source materials for building and decorating based on budget and style requirements
  • Outline necessary permits and approvals needed for construction
  • Help install all elements according to plan
motorized pergola with screens

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