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Backyard Bliss



    The “Backyard Bliss” outdoor living space project offers a harmonious blend of comfort, functionality, and natural beauty. With a hardtop, roofed patio cover the space is versatile and enjoyable year-round. From the paver patio sitting area with its ground-level planter to the outdoor cooking and dining areas, every element has been carefully curated for relaxation, entertainment, and the pleasure of outdoor living. The surrounding thoughtfully landscaped yard and planters provide the perfect finishing touch to this oasis, inviting you to embrace the outdoors in style and comfort.

    This transformation encompasses a wide range of elements, including a charming gable-roofed structure, a cozy deck, an inviting fire pit area with artistic metalwork and artisan logs, a built-in natural gas grill, a patio dining area, a meandering walkway, and an extensive landscape design that spans the front, side, and upper hillside of the property.

    The project’s design philosophy focuses on creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics, comfort, and practicality, providing the homeowners with a serene retreat and an ideal setting for entertainment and relaxation.

    Key features

    paver patio with gable roof and planters

    GABLE patio cover

    The focal point of the project, the gable-roofed patio cover, defines the space, offering style and functionality.

    This sheltered area provides a cozy environment, rain or shine. The inclusion of infrared heaters ensures that the outdoor living space remains comfortable during cooler seasons, while the integrated ceiling fan keeping the space comfortable on warm days.


    Underneath the protective canopy of the patio cover, a stunning paver patio sitting area offers a charming space for relaxation.

    This inviting space boasts a ground-level planter that seamlessly blends with the environment, adding a touch of nature while maintaining a clean, modern aesthetic.

    covered outdoor seating area


    The ground-level planters seamlessly blend nature with design, adding greenery to the space without disrupting the clean lines of the patio. This feature enhances the organic feel of the area.

    outdoor kitchen

    The paver patio extends down two steps to the built-in gas grill, catering to culinary enthusiasts. This outdoor cooking area, capped by an elegant, granite countertop, is designed for effortless cooking and entertainment, encouraging gatherings and shared meals.

    outdoor kitchen
    paver patio dining area

    Paver patio
    dining area

    Adjacent to the cooking area, the pavers extend to an open-air dining space which accommodates larger gatherings. It provides a comfortable setting for enjoying meals in the fresh air, under the open sky, surrounded by tasteful landscaping.


    Surrounding the living spaces, the yard and planters have been landscaped with utmost care. Lush greenery and carefully selected plants contribute to a harmonious blend of nature and modern design. The landscaping not only enhances the aesthetics of the outdoor space but also ensures a tranquil environment that encourages relaxation and reflection.


    “Backyard Bliss” marries comfort, design, and practicality. With key features including the hard covered patio, integrated lighting, gas heaters, and a ceiling fan, the space is designed for year-round enjoyment. The combination of the paver patio, integrated planter, outdoor cooking area, and open air dining zone ensures a seamless flow of activities. Enhanced by thoughtful landscaping, this outdoor retreat invites you to savor the pleasures of nature and relaxation.

    Photography by Ryan Begin

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