Adding a perfectly designed deck to your backyard can give you a place to make the most of pleasant days with friends and family.

At Inside Outside Spaces,  our deck experts can help you design and build a deck that will compliment your outdoor space – custom built to reflect your personal taste. We offer numerous materials and design options for decks, and we take great pride in turning our customers’ ideas for outdoor living spaces into reality.



Composite Decks

Composite decks do not splinter, warp, or wear the way natural wood does.  Composite decking is low maintenance and lends itself to unique and creative design options. Plus, the massive color selection can be used to incorporate contrasting patterns, borders and features into the design to make your deck dream a reality.

Wood Frame Decks

Do you appreciate traditional wood decks usually constructed of Redwood or Cedar?  These two soft wood species are used for beauty, durability and are more economical then composite decking.  They also tend to create a more rustic appearance. Pressure treated lumber is used for traditional wood framing because it is durable and reduces the chances of rotting and termites affecting your deck.

Metal Frame Decks

Metal frame decks offer several benefits. They hold up better in a variety of weather conditions, which delivers a good option for you if you’re concerned about snow and rain damaging your deck over time. Construction with metal frame decks can be more consistent than with wood decks, since everything is made by machine, and metal obviously retains a more precise shape than wood. Metal frames can also be stronger than wood, and they also reduce the risk of termite infestation.


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