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Elevated Elegance


    Elevated Elegance is a modern outdoor-space renovation project featuring a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and relaxation; transforming a standard outdoor space into a luxurious haven for entertainment, dining, and leisure.

    The project primarily centers around a thoughtfully designed porcelain deck, elevated on a sturdy wooden frame, accompanied by privacy screens that provide seclusion and a sense of tranquility. The newly revamped space combines premium features, elegant design elements, and lush landscaping to create an inviting environment that seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings.

    Key features


    On Wooden Frame

    The project centered around the installation of a premium porcelain deck elevated on a meticulously crafted wooden frame. This choice of materials not only ensures durability and longevity but also enhances the visual appeal of the space. The deck acts as the foundation for all the subsequent elements, setting the stage for a cohesive and modern outdoor experience.

    wood PERGOLA


    The centerpiece of the deck is a covered pergola that stretches over a dedicated sitting area, offering respite from the sun’s rays while allowing for open-air enjoyment. The addition of retractable canvas shade covers provides the flexibility to adapt to varying weather conditions, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

    gas firepit
    built-in gas firepit

    Nestled under the pergola, a cozy sitting area surrounds around a gas firepit. This feature creates an inviting gathering spot, ideal for relaxation and conversation, especially during cooler evenings.

    outdoor kitchen

    On the other end of the deck is a well-appointed outdoor kitchen that boasts a grill, side burner, and a refrigerator, all seamlessly integrated into the design. The kitchen is crowned with a luxurious granite top that not only serves as a functional workspace but also exudes sophistication.

    outdoor kitchen

    Strategically positioned privacy screens add an air of seclusion to the deck, allowing residents and guests to enjoy their leisure time with a heightened sense of intimacy. The screens not only provide privacy but also contribute to the contemporary aesthetic of the space.


    A Stunning front entry

    The project extends beyond the deck to encompass the front entryway. A multi-step stone walkway, expertly crafted with carefully chosen materials, adds a touch of elegance and guides visitors to the entrance in style.



    Aesthetic stone block planters line the walkway, contributing to the overall design while also hosting carefully curated greenery. Integrated feature lighting within the planters adds a subtle, enchanting glow during evenings, enhancing the ambiance.

    Throughout the project, thoughtfully selected plants, trees, and foliage enhance the natural beauty of the space, creating a serene and inviting environment that complements the outdoor features.

    Elevated Elegance is a testament to Inside Outside Space’s commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and turning dreams into reality. With a focus on creating a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and outdoor living, we have transformed this space into a sophisticated retreat that seamlessly merges with the natural surroundings. This project showcases our dedication to excellence, and we look forward to continuing to exceed expectations in all future endeavors.

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